3 Easy Tips to Remodel Your Bedroom

When was the last time you thought of remodeling a part of your house? I guess most of us have this hesitant feeling to give it a try. What’s stopping us might be the budget allocated for that renovation, the luxury of time which we don’t usually have, and that tailor-fit design to suit that quench to finally give in to that desire to revamp.

The question now is – Are you going to get experts to help you out with modern house plans or do you want to DIY the nuts and bolts? Whichever side of the boat you consider, we’d like to give you some bits of advice on how you can remodel your good old bedroom the most convenient way possible.

Organize, repair, declutter

Unless you’re a neat freak yourself, the rest of us need a hand with establishing order in our dwellings. We either neglect or forget to prioritize—organizing, repairing and decluttering our own space. Admit it or not, we have some stuff lying around the corner that we simply need to either keep, repair or let go.

Organize by size. Some of the biggest chunks of our bedrooms are the bed itself, some shelves or cabinets and other furniture. Eliminating the chunkier ones would give extra room for a much cozier place. Decide which ones need repair or replacement. Once you’ve started with the large ones it’ll be a lot easier to slide down the much smaller pieces.

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Repair or declutter. After you’ve finally decided on organizing stuff for sure you’ll find damaged ones. Ask yourself– Are they beyond repair or are they worth-saving? You then decide to either keep or discard. Are you a hoarder who believes that memories stick with material things? Well, it’s about time to put aside that mindset and simply learn to keep memories without associating things with it. This way decluttering would be so much easier.

Variation of Color or Theme

Tips to Remodel Your Bedroom

You might have seen some modern house plans featured in print or social media presenting a fresh new look for your interior design. Some of which suggest you give your room a touch up on tints or motifs. Imagine waking up to a mood-boosting room and dozing off to a calm-inviting one. Introducing a new set of color would definitely generate a new feel in your bedroom.

White/Pale Beige as they say you can never go wrong with a classic. If your old one got a lot going on, you can shift to this plain and simple tone you just need to brush up with some ornaments and neutral hues to achieve that certain calmness.

Lilac/Lavender under the purple spectrum and muted pastels these colors would invite that serene energy you’ve been desiring.

Salmon/Peach playing a slightly toned-down pink contrasted with some black or grey tones would give you that softness on the inside effect.

Soft Black/Charcoal Gray if you want that romantic masculine side to emerge this is the way to go. Pairing it with modern light fixtures or some natural light you could achieve that perfect blend of not being too dark.

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Bright Red/Scarlet bored with dull and play-safe tones? This dramatic effect achieved by this bursting color is simply unstoppable. You just need to pair it with another tone to tame it down a little bit or play with lighting fixtures to adjust to lesser or more drama of your choice.

Pistachio/Mint Green on the other side of the spectrum opposite that cluttered city life is the lighter shade of green. That city-escape and that nature-feel-freshness offered by this colors is simply irresistible.

These are just some top picks from modern house plans. Have you decide yet?

Turn up the L I G H T S

Tips to Remodel Your Bedroom

The amount of light that’s present directly affects our mood and general feel of our room. If the classic white and yellow lights already got you jaded, a play of modern lights might just do the trick for you.

Size it up! Size matters if that pertains to choosing the perfect light for your room. As a rule, bigger rooms require various light sources. Lights in various levels and hues–some direct or indirect lighting up to accent lighting perfectly mixed would help you achieve the kind of ambiance you need.

Dimmers this significant light control could simply change the name of the game. If you need to accomplish some tasks the brightest lights are required but for a relaxing mood these dimmers would do the magic for you.

Colored Lights Blue and white lights are best for the tasks that you need to finish in the evening. The not so good side of it though, is that it prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. So, switching from blue to warm yellow lights would definitely get Mr. Sandman a hand as you doze off.

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Remodeling your bedroom might just be what you need to have that revitalizing feel. We hope these ideas could guide you in one way or another in that three-step-journey towards a better bolder bedroom of yours.