7 Benefits of Switching to a Handheld Shower

Showering is something that each and every one of us does, typically daily or at least several times per week. And yet, so many of don’t put any time into considering what the best options for showering are. A handheld shower head can add a lot of benefits to your shower process, and we walk through our top seven here.

#1 Clean Easier

Perhaps the easiest and quickest benefit of installing a detachable showerhead is that your cleaning will become significantly easier.

Cleaning the shower has always been a huge pain. You need to scrub all of the walls, flooring, and shower doors. Once scrubbed, you need to rinse them off, and this is where the problems ensue.

You’re not alone if you’ve resorted to all sorts of different techniques to try to rinse your shower walls… dumping buckets of water, using a squirt bottle, the options go on and on.

A handheld shower head will allow you to simply turn the water on and rinse everything down, just like if you had a garden hose in your shower. It is extremely easy and convenient.

A side benefit of this is that you’ll find yourself cleaning your shower more often because it is so easy!

#2 Add Appeal

An often missed benefit, and the first one to focus on, is the added appeal your shower will now have. A handheld shower head is a lot more sophisticated than a standard shower port. Installing one in your home bathroom will add appeal and interest.

A bathroom is often one of the most looked at pieces of a home. Stylish designers put effort and energy towards an environment that is attractive and inviting.

And, it makes sense. Most Americans shower every day, and use the bathroom multiple times. Adding a new device such as a portable shower unit helps to provide a unique and added intrigue.

Additions such as these can add value to your home too. Chances are, your home will stand out as unique compared to others in the market. You’ll also attract some questions and fun conversations from your friends and neighbors.

#3 Environmental Friendly

A handheld shower option saves water, which saves the planet. You’ll be saving water by switching to a handheld option.

So much water gets wasted each and every time someone steps into the shower. For starters, there is all the water that gets used while the shower heats up. Then, during the shower process, there are a plethora of times that a person is soaping up or shampooing, and the shower water is going to waste.

For ladies, there are often other times where water is being wasted, such as when shaving legs.

A handheld option almost always comes with a quick, shut off switch. This on/off handle allows you to quickly turn the water on and off while showering. It doesn’t shut the main water unit off, meaning you don’t have to fiddle with the temperature or pressure settings.

This ability allows you to save a tremendous amount of water, which will help you save on your water bill while also saving the planet.

#4 Easy Installation

So many DIY bathroom projects take a tremendous amount of time and energy. And, hiring a professional to do it for your is expensive. Installing a handheld shower head is super simple, though, and allows you to avoid both those problems.

Most options come with everything you need, including the tools. From our findings, it is typically a 3-5 minute process to install, and you do not have to be an expert at all.

#5 More Spray Options

Nowadays, portable shower heads come with a wide range of spray options. You aren’t stuck with just one setting.

This is very convenient, especially for a family or group of people that all share one shower. Chances are, each person has different preferences for the type of spray they prefer, with some enjoying a harder, massage option and others preferring a soaking, rain option.

Handheld options come with 4-9 settings on average, ranging from massage to spray to rain to jet. These options allow each person to pick their preferred setting easily, and for the shower head to flex back and forth for each member of the household.

#6 More Uses

Handheld showers expand the different uses your shower will have. Previously, when all you have is a fixed head, you are controlled by the area that it sprays on. With a portable option, your options become endless.

Many people immediately enjoy the benefit of bathing their pet in their shower. The handheld option gives them the ability to have the pet on the ground and spray only the necessary areas. This keeps the pet happier and keeps you from getting soaking wet.

Combine this with the on/off switch and you’ve got a winning combination for giving your pet a bath.

The same applies for a variety of situations. If you avoided shaving your legs in the shower, you no longer have to. If you prefer to sit while in the shower, you now have that capability. A handheld option opens up a world of possibilities.

#7 Support for Elderly

Showering is often a huge pain for the elderly. A shower can be a dangerous place, as it is slippery and full of steps and angles. For someone who is disabled or even just disadvantaged, the shower can be tough, frustrating, painful, and dangerous.

With a handheld option, an elderly person can now take advantage of a seat in the shower. Sitting down eliminates the risk of slipping and falling, along with easing the burden of showering.

The on/off switch makes the process simple and allows the elderly person to move slowly through the showering process, not having to feel rushed by the continuous drain of water.

Handheld shower options are a wonderful option for anyone who experiences pain and frustration from showering.

While these are our top seven reasons for switching to a handheld shower head, there are numerous others that we didn’t mention. As you consider making the switch, we hope these tips help you in your decision.