How to Choose the Best Patio Door for Your Home

The right door can give your patio an instant boost in terms of aesthetics and functionality. With options like the different fascinating modern designs of sliding patio doors and the classic and elegant styles of French patio doors, you will have no difficulties choosing a fixture that you will love having in your home.

Selecting the perfect patio door, however, doesn’t simply hinge on choosing a fixture that would look great for your home. To be able to choose a patio door that will give you seamless connection between your patio and the rest of your home, and an important design element that adds interest to your interior and exterior space, follow the tips below:

1.    Check the space where the door will be installed

If you don’t have a patio door yet, it is crucial that you know how much space you have for the interior and exterior side of the door.

Keep in mind that patio doors come in in-swing, out-swing, and sliding varieties. In-swing doors need sufficient indoor space. Out-swing ones, on the other hand, need sufficient space outdoors or on the patio.

In case space is an issue, a sliding door would be the best option. This type of patio door maximizes the available space since it moves horizontally along a track, which means that it can open without using up extra space.

2.    Pick a design that works well with the style of your home

Once you start shopping for your patio door, limit your options to door styles that will fit flawlessly into the architecture and décor of your home and, if possible, enhance its look and ambiance.

This means that if your home has a traditional look, choose a patio door that has a classic, clean look to match and improve the design and mood of your abode. If your home boasts of a modern style, a sliding door would be more appropriate.

3.    Find out how secure the patio door is

Since your patio door will serve as an entryway into your home, you have to choose a secure fixture that will give you and your family sufficient protection from the harsh weather elements and potential burglars.

To deter intruders, select a patio door that boasts of high-quality safety features. These include toughened or triple-glazed glass that intruders will find difficult to break, and a multi-lock door system which will reinforce the door.

4.    Check the door’s energy efficiency rating

An energy-efficient patio door will ensure that warm air in your home remains inside during the cold months. It will also prevent cold air from escaping from your home in the summer.

To be certain that you select an energy-efficient patio door, choose one that has a Low-emissivity (Low-E) coating. Products with this feature radiate heat away from the patio door glass, which helps the insulation in your home.

In addition, you will do well to choose a patio door that has a low-conductivity gas. Gases such as argon, krypton, and xenon can reduce the transfer of thermal energy, thereby allowing you to keep comfortable air in your home.

5.    Look into the door’s care and maintenance requirements

The amount of care and maintenance your patio door will need will depend on your choice of frame material.

Wooden patio doors, for instance, have to be sanded and repainted frequently to maintain their appeal. Fiberglass, clad-wood, aluminum, and PVC-U doors, on the other hand, require little to no interior and exterior maintenance and are easy to clean.

Additionally, find out how your preferred material will fare in your area. For example, if you live near the seaside, it is not recommended that you pick aluminum since it is not a good insulator and it is not suited for coastal climates.

6.    Consider the warranty

Finally, most patio door manufacturers offer a warranty covering the material and workmanship of their products. These warranties range from limited coverage to a comprehensive lifetime guarantee.

If you’re comparing warranties, make sure you ask if the warranty covers the patio door screen, glass, and hardware. Don’t forget to ask if it includes labor; if not, you will have to do the repairs or hire a contractor to do it with the parts you will get for free from the manufacturer. 

A patio door can be a valuable investment for your home. As such, it would be wise to get a good quality one from the start. If you invest in a subpar one now, you will most likely get more problems in the long run. Make sure you spend enough time on choosing a durable patio door that will stand the test of time and will work with the look and style of your home.


Carmen Velilla is an experienced Brand Manager currently overseeing the strategic development of multiple brands as part of the Epwin Group. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM), specializing in Corporate Communication and Digital Marketing.