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Not every individual who has in-depth knowledge about a subject can explain it through words. As a matter of fact, describing something through beautifully articulated language is a talent that not all of us are blessed with. If you are one of them who has a knack for writing, feel free to get in touch with us. We are looking for guest bloggers who can write on topics like Home Decor, Home Design, Home Improvement, Interiors, Exteriors, Furniture and many more. However, we do not keep anything hidden, thus making it clear that we do not pay anything for the write-ups. We publish the blogs in our website and social medial pages and give full credit to the writer.

If it suits you, send us a mail. We may take 3-4 business days to revert because of the extreme work pressure. Therefore, please be patient. In any case, we will get back to you.

Here are some guidelines that you need to follow while writing the blog:

  • The language in the content has to be English and of high quality. There must not be any grammatical error. The content flow has to be smooth and easy to read for the readers. There must not be any confusing sentences.
  • The word limit is 600+. Try not to add words unnecessarily as it will only look vague. Keep the content to the point.
  • The content must not be promotional in any way.
  • It should be completely relevant to the subject. This means that from the starting of the blog till its end, the subject should be the same and not distracting.
  • The heading in the blog must be clear and concise. The heading should be written in a way that it itself briefs the entire content.
  • Adding sub-headings will be appreciated. Sub-headings should go well with the heading and should not look like repetitions.
  • Images can be added to the content. However, each image should be relevant to the content. Also, you need to make sure that the images are no way copyrighted.
  • If you are using keywords, make sure they are not stuffed anyway.
  • If you are referring any site to use their information for your content, you would need to mention the link of the website on the bottom of your blog.
  • Make sure there is no copied content in your blog.
  • Add an author-bio where you can mention all your previous experiences and area of expertise. Also add links of your social media pages in the author-bio.

Our role:

  • We will review the blog and edit it if required.
  • In case, any of the guideline is breached, we reserve the right to reject the blog.
  • The blog can also be rejected if it is poorly written and found plagiarised.
  • If it meets all guidelines, we will publish it in our site and re-publish on our social media pages.
  • We will give credit to the writer in every page.

If everything mentioned above suits your expectations, you can contact us at here – write4rus@gmail.com